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If programming languages were vehicles»

For my coder friends.

Do you know dreams are called dreams? Because they’re not real. If they were they wouldn’t need a name.
— Clara (Doctor Who)
This one immediately made me think of pandemiclaughter.

This one immediately made me think of pandemiclaughter.


Today slobaum is 32. I’ve tried all day to wrote the perfect post for him, but work was insane and now my brain is mush.

He’s perfect and awesome and I love him to Barsoom and back.

Wish him a happy birthday.

I don’t need mushy words to know I have the most amazing life I can imagine. Thank you for being incredible and for loving me the way you do. “I love you, too” isn’t big enough for how I feel about you, @nicknameless.

This is me playing Counting Stars by OneRepublic.  It’s definitely not one of my normal choices to play, but it’s so catchy.  I just started learning it last night, so it’ll probably get more refined as time goes on.

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